“I love working with Dora! Aside from the fact that she’s a blast to work with. She has an upbeat enthusiasm and gracious smile, she’s amazingly organized. I remember the first day she came to work for me. I was taken aback when she left the office at the end of the day, only to find a detailed list of all the things that needed my attention in order of their importance. That blew me away!! I felt like someone really cared about how my practice was run and making sure that it was successful. She is always coming up with new ideas as to how to make more contacts and how to keep things moving forward all the time.
When I mentioned to her that I wanted to run an event for those seeking to find new passion in their lives regarding their careers, she was on the phone ASAP and making connections and setting up places to see pronto. She’s continually talking up the practice and I can tell that she believes in me and my purpose. That’s what I love about her. She takes your desire and makes it into her passion …a win win situation!!! Her passion for her work and the ability to set it into motion. I went to a fabulous fashion show that she had organized and was very impressed by the turnout and how professional it was from start to finish.
She’s been a main contributor to keeping things fresh and alive. I can see Dora making a difference in everything she touches and I’m proud to know her and have her in my life!!!!”