Our Policy

Anti-Spam Policy

Our Anti-Spam Philosophy:

Vis-à-Vis Events Inc. truly values our clients and visitors. Thus, we have developed and implemented a zero tolerance spam policy to protect you.

We only send commercial e-mails that are in compliance with Canadian law and regulations, the Canadian Government’s Task Force on Spam’s Recommended Best Practices for E-mail Marketing, and our Anti-Spam Policy.

What is Spam?

Spam are typically anonymous commercial messages. There is no consent given and the messages are unsolicited. The messages are sent to a mass group of individuals, usually (although not always) with malicious intent. There is no ‘opt-out’ function.

When Does Vis-à-Vis Events Inc. Send Commercial E-mails?

Vis-à-Vis Events Inc. only sends commercial e-mails if:
• We are responding to a request for information from you;
• We are sending you information that you are entitled to receive about the service that you purchased;
• We have had or currently have a business relationship with you; and/or
• You have provided explicit consent to receiving electronic commercial up-dates from us.

Our Commitment to Protecting You:

Vis-à-Vis Events Inc.:
• Does not hide information indentifying the sender;
• Does not place inaccurate information in the subject line or in the content of its e-mails;
• Does not knowingly do business with a company that participates in sending spam;
• Does include in every commercial e-mail that is sent the links to our Anti-Spam and Privacy Policies.

Alternatives Available to You to Indicate You No Longer Want to Receive Commercial E-mails from Vis-à-Vis Events Inc.?

Every commercial e-mail sent by us has an opt-out function, which allows you to indicate that you no longer wish to receive further commercial e-mails.

Alternatively, you can e-mail us at: info@visavisevents.ca.

We will process your request as soon as possible, and no later than 14 business days.

Reporting Abuses and How They Are Treated:

In the unusual event that you receive a message from Vis-à-Vis Events Inc. that you feel is spam please report it to us at: info@visavisevents.ca.

Vis-à-Vis Events Inc. reserves the right, but is not obliged to investigate the abuse, and deal with it as it sees fit.

Modifications to the Anti-Spam Policy:

Vis-à-Vis Events Inc. reserves the right to modify any part of its Anti-Spam Policy at any time. This may be done in order to address client or visitor concerns, meet best practices and/or comply with the law. Any changes will be published on the company’s web-site in this section.

Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Protecting Your Privacy:

Vis-à-Vis Events Inc. is committed to respecting the privacy concerns of its clients and visitors.

Vis-à-Vis Events Inc. acts in accordance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). It has also developed this Privacy Policy which governs the collection, use, and disclosure of personal and non-personal information of its clients and visitors.

Information That Is Collected and What It Is Used For:

Vis-à-Vis Events Inc. collects:
• Personal information from its clients that was voluntarily given with explicit consent such as their: name, address, phone number, e-mail address, employment information, budget, and other relevant information pertinent to the carrying out of the service. This information allows us to respond to our clients and serve them. If the client consents, their contact information may also be used to send them commercial updates and advertisements beyond the life of the commercial transaction.
• Personal information from its visitors that is voluntarily given such as their e-mail address. This information allows us to respond to them.
• Visitors’ Internet Protocol (IP) address and cookie-based information. This information does not allow us to identify you personally. It may, however, allow us to see: when someone visited our web-site, the length of time they spent on the web-site, how they navigated the web-site, the type of browser they used, the type of operating system they used, and the visitor’s internet provider. This information is used strictly to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our web-site.

How We Protect Your Information:

Vis-à-Vis Events Inc. is deeply committed to protecting your personal and non-personal information. For that reason we take the following security measures:
• Employees are trained on our Privacy Policy.
• Paper information is under supervision, and in a restricted area.
• Electronic information is protected by passwords and firewalls.
• Information that is no longer needed is destroyed. If the information is in paper form, it is shredded. If it is in electronic form it is deleted.

Information Sharing:

Information to Third Parties:
We may share personal and non-personal information with selected third parties. It is always done with your explicit consent. Information may be shared in order to realize your event and/or for the purposes identified at the time of the collection of the information. The information will only be shared with third parties that have entered into privacy agreements with us, or that have asserted that they are acting in compliance with PIPEDA.

Access to the Personal and Non-Personal Information that We Have of You:
Clients and visitors have the right to request their personal information that we keep. A request must be made in writing. To request such information please contact: info@visavisevents.ca.

Vis-à-Vis Events Inc. will contact you to verify your identity before providing any information. We will make the requested information available to you within 30 business days. If an extension is required to meet your request, we will provide you with a written notice informing you of the reason, and the additional time that is needed.

If a request is unable to be fulfilled in part or in full, we will notify you in writing. We will provide you with the reasons, and the next steps that you can take.

Links to Other Web-Sites:

Links on our web-site that bring you to another web-site are solely for your convenience. Those web-sites are not under our control. Thus, we are not responsible for their content. Visitors that end up on those web-sites should become familiar with the privacy policies of those web-sites.

Managing Your Information, Questions and Complaints:

If you would like for us to correct, update or destroy the information that we have of you, or you have any questions or concerns please contact us at: info@visavisevents.ca.

Vis-à-Vis Events Inc. reserves the right to contact you in order to respond to your request, question or concern.

Modifications to the Privacy Policy:

Vis-à-Vis Events Inc. reserves the right to modify any part of its Privacy Policy at any time, in order to address client or visitor concerns, meet best practices, keep up with technological advancements, or comply with the law. Any changes will be published on the company’s web-site in this section.